Welcome to TECHTUCH UR Life
Welcome Scenario
Selected lights at 40-50% lumens, AC Unit ON, Lights in Master Bedroom ON, Audio player ON with silent music.
TV Watching Scenario
All curtains get closed, AC ON, TV side lamps switched OFF, Back lights at 50-60% lumens, TV unit ON etc.
Party Scenario
Certain Lights ON/OFF/DIM as per Preset mood, Pre-selected music playlist starts playing. AC blower goes up to higher speed to accommodate additional load.
Relax Scenario
Selected lights ON at 40% lumens with silent background music. All curtains remain closed.
Dining Scenario
AC ON, all lights in Dining room get dimmed to 60%.
Swimming Pool Scenario
Pool lights will come on, Water Pump for pool comes ON. Preset Music for pool side starts playing.
Good Morning Scenario
AC OFF, Night lamp OFF, All curtains open.
Good Night Scenario
AC ON, Night lamp ON, All curtains close.
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