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Our services begin from the conceptualization of a private theater to extending that experience throughout the home seamlessly - keeping it simple, compatible and future proof.

These include:
  • Home Theater Design
  • Multi-room Audio and Video Solutions
  • Home Automation & Integration
  • Structured Wiring
  • Custom Installation (for the above services)
Multi-Room Audio & Video
Integrate and use distributed music and high-definition video throughout the home.
Users can access and control their audio-video libraries with full two-way communication in addition to zone management from anywhere in the residence. 
  • delivers affordable plug-and-play high-definition entertainment throughout the home
  • "Whether it's watching an HD movie in the bedroom from a Blu-ray Disc™ player located in the home theater, picking a playlist from an iPod or selecting a station on satellite radio
Presence Detectors for Washrooms/Stairways
With a presence detector we can automatically switch ON/OFF lights of the common areas mentioned above which are typically ‘neglected’.
Air Conditioner “OFF” on Window Opening
A window opening creates loss of energy as Aircon will draw more current to cool the fresh air coming in.
Garden Sprinkler Scheduling
Garden sprinkler should come on at the right time of the day to water the plants and should shut OFF on completion of its task. Sprinkler should also be activated depending on ambient Humidity Level. You don’t need sprinklers running during rainy season.
Master Controller for the Whole House
In a multi-room apartment/villa there will be various loads operating in various rooms. A master controller will help in controlling those loads in case of non-occupancy of those rooms.
“ALL OFF” Switch for Exit
At the time of exit one control can be configured to switch OFF all the electrical loads connected to the system apart from Refrigerator
Energy Consumption Monitoring & Limit Settings
Measure the energy consumption pattern in real time & set limit to the usage.
Preventive Maintenance Alerts
Critical equipment like air-conditioning, water pumps, sprinklers, motors require preventive maintenance. Alerts for the same can be generated as per preset schedules.
Lighting & Curtains / Blinds Controls on Outside Lux Levels
Lighting can ON/OFF/DIM and Curtains or Blinds can OPEN/CLOSE as per preset programs by sensing the outside LUX levels.
Energy Consumption Monitoring & Limit Settings
Multi-room – Multisource Audio Video System
High-end music systems with servers and switchers can be integrated through IR to facilitate Multi room audio-video play.
Presence Simulation If the occupants are away for a longer duration of time, then it becomes a target for the thieves and burglars. Certain Lights can come ON in the evenings to simulate a presence in the house once unauthorized entry is detected to mislead the miscreant.
Protection for electrical failures emergencies Inbuilt high voltage protection. Alerts for changeover from main power supply to DG supply.
Access control
Can be provided to maids/servants & data log can be stored to view history of visits.
Video door phone integration
Main Gate & Door Control
Based on feedback from VDP or Surveillance Camera User can Open/close Main Gate/Door.
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